Time. Not the magazine, nor the way we measure it, but the actual intangible “thing” that we all have.

We all are given a gift of time. Some more than others, and some with perceivable more freedom with it than others. Fair or not, it is an unarguable reality, that we all are given this gift of time.

Yet it is an inevitable truth for all that at some point this gift will be gone. The amount of time which we have been given on Earth will come to an end, and none of us know exactly when that is.

So it is considered by many “our most precious commodity”. You cannot get back time in which you have already spent. Nor is there any proof to undoubtedly say you can some how extended the amount of time you’ve been given. Not by modern science and medicine, healthy living or even faith.

More money can always be made. Lost possessions could be found or new ones can be purchased. Even with relationships; broken ones can be mended, old ones can be reconciled and new ones can be made. Time however, is here and gone.

Many people have different beliefs and value systems which dictate time’s perceivable worth and how it is best spent. Those beliefs can change though, and time once thought of as having been spent well could end up being viewed later as wasted. What doesn’t change however is the simple fact that time was spent. Those moments of time you were given are now gone.

We can take pictures and videos to try to catch the moment in an attempt to hold onto time. Yet in this we often miss part of being in the moment and time seems to slip through our fingers. Then we spend more time looking back on time previously spent.

We spend time working, and doing things we do not wish to do, in the hope that at some later point in time we will have more money and/or freedom to better spend time how we please. Even while I write this, though I enjoy writing, I am doing it for my employer. Giving time for money, to pay for things like a place to live and food to eat, things I will enjoy at a later point in time than right now.

Forgive me if this all sounds like madness. Clearly I am not insinuating that to work is bad or that time is ill spent ensuring proper needs are met for the immediate and indefinite future. On the contrary, I am thankful for a job and the opportunity to spend my working hours for a company that I can respect and wholeheartedly support.

I am however, inviting you into thoughts I have been having lately. With the extreme lack of snow this year in the South Eastern Wisconsin area, we at Brant’s Lawn Care have had more “free time” than usual.

So we’ve tried to spend it well. Keeping up with all the maintenance work at our shop. Having company meetings. Creating a new website and bolstering up our social media activity. Getting an in depth head start at preparing for spring. Even a few middle of the winter tree trimming jobs. And, put much thought into this thing we call time.

Ultimately, this is part of our service to you. To prevent you from spending your time doing work on the yard that we can do for you, quickly and professionally. Also, to improve your quality of time spent at your home and in your yard. Eliminating prickly weeds so you can enjoy walking bare foot through your grass in the middle of summer. Reinventing the garden bed in front of your house and adding beautiful flowers, so as you pull into your driveway you can feel good about where you live.

We spend our time so you don’t have to spend yours. At Brant’s Lawn Care we are honored to do so, because this is important to us. We have been thinking a lot about “our most precious commodity” and how it’s best spent. We invite you to do the same and to spend it mostly, if possible, on things that are important to you.