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Our landscaping services are more than dumping mulch, rocks, and shrubs in some semblance of a pattern in your yard. We have an extensive understanding of native Wisconsin and exotic shrubs, grasses, trees and flowers. We use this knowledge along with our experience to create beautifully sculpted lawns and gardens.

We can help provide landscaping ideas for an inviting front yard, or a backyard oasis. Let us help you design your next landscaping project.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping rocks
Decorative retaining wall
Landscaping flowerbed
Landscaping shrubs and vines


Hardscaping is in its simplest terms is man made landscaping. This includes walls, sidewalks, and other man made fixtures. We are experienced in building retaining walls, brick or stone paths, placing decorative stone and much more. Let us help create the look and feel you always wanted with our professional landscaping installations. We build places to make memories that will last for years to come.


Softscaping is landscaping with natural materials. This includes flowers, shrubs, trees, and mulch, etc. Here at Brant’s Lawn Care we boast professional, experienced landscapers. We have been creating scenic yards and business exteriors for over a decade. Our knowledge of native and exotic plants allows us to create that unique look you can find nowhere else. Let us help give you that landscape design you have been looking for.

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