Fertilizing and Weed Control


Invigorate Your Lawn

At Brant's Lawn Care we provide unmatched expertise. We not only know how to cut grass, we know grass. Is your lawn plagued with weeds, crab grass, or looks like it was transplanted to your yard from the Mojave desert? You could grab a bag of fertilizer from the store, hope it is the right kind, and start throwing it around on your yard. Or you could call the experts at Brant's Lawn Care. We know grass, and more importantly we know how to make it grow and look good.

We will examine your lawn to see what weeds are growing, and what nutrients it needs. After we know your lawn we will create a fertilizing and weed management plan to tackle the specific issues plaguing your yard. Getting that perfect lawn you have always been dreaming of has never been easier. And you don’t have cross your fingers and hope you grabbed the right bag of fertilizer.


Leave the hard work to us

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your lawn is taken care of and looking better than ever. Contact us for a free estimate today.