Today is March 20, 2015. Spring equinox. The official start of spring this year.

Spring has always been my favorite season. I may enjoy summer more, from a practical stand point. I thoroughly admire all the colors of autumn. Even winter can be nice at times, drinking egg nog by the fire, watching snow flakes gently fall. However, spring remains my favorite.

Maybe because my birthday is in April, but I think it’s much more than that. It’s a time, a season, of new life. In Wisconsin, we are usually coming out of a long winter season that has been cold and gray. Then, typically sometime in March, it starts to warm up a little bit. The sun seems to shine a little differently, warmer; and there is a change in the air. The anticipation for even warmer weather stirs up an excitement. The snow melts and we get to start putting away the winter coats and boots. The grass begins turning green and growing as leaves grow on trees. Butterflies are found fluttering about. Early blooming flowers come up and blossom. Birds return home and fill the wind with song.

Before our very eyes the world transforms. What was once cold, dark and dead now comes to life. It is beautiful, rejuvenating and inspiring. It fills us with awe and wonder. Even with all the scientific understanding to explain it, it’s still a truly miraculous thing.

The spring season can restore hope, encourage and even get us to engage in transformation ourselves. Spring cleaning around the house is a classic tradition. Cleaning out garages, attics and just deep cleansing to our regularly used areas of the home. Going through clothes, putting winter stuff in storage or giving it away. Spring provokes us to take action, to clean and organize, to get outside again. It’s common to see more people jogging and biking. Parks and nature trails tend to draw larger crowds. It feels like new life.

As landscapers, we are blessed with the honor of being active in this wonderful process as well. We get outside consistently again. We enter into the new season with joy, going around to homes and businesses and do whatever we can to help the process of new life and beautification.

Whether it be cleaning up gravel and reseeding areas damaged by snow plowing and salt, trimming and pruning trees and bushes or planting new flowers in gardens. We take pleasure in getting to be active and cooperating with nature to bring about new life.

One of the main things we are focusing on right now is fertilizing. Winter has the potential to be damaging to the ground. The cold temperatures, snow and ice can really take their toll. So we take steps to help your grass grow in green; faster, healthy and full.

Sometimes a good step to take for a lawn is aeration before fertilization to help the ground breathe and better receive all the needed nutrients. Also it’s helpful to kill off bacteria, fungus and viruses that could be lingering.

Every yard and lawn is a little different. Some naturally develop better and only really need some light tidying up of fallen foliage from autumn and winter. Others, the grass could be severely damaged and need lots of attention and aid.

It can be beneficial to have a professional assess the situation of your landscape to determine what would be best. If there is anything we can do to help, please give us at Brant’s Lawn Care a call at 262-343-2074.

We hope you enjoy this spring season as much as we do and join in the unfolding of new life.